Competition Teams



Our competition season runs from Mid September (9/21)-April.
We will hold sign ups on September 14th at Spectators for our 2014-2015 season.


Practice is once a week on Sunday afternoons.

Costs include:

$30 registration fee
$25/month tuition*
$110 uniform fee*
$90 competition fees*

We are accepting athletes from ages 3-14** for the 2014-2015 season.
We plan on the following teams:

Spirit Wave Beach Babies-ages 3-5
Spirit Wave Surfer Girls-ages 6-8
Spirit Wave Shockwave-ages 9-14

We attend 3-4 local (w/in New England) competitions a year. They generally begin in February and go through early April.

*these cost are approximate
** ages are as of August 31, 2014, team ages are subject to change



for more information call 207 502 2496 or email

5 thoughts on “Competition Teams

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  2. Hey there,

    We just moved to Sanford and my daughter is interested in cheer. Does she need any experience? When are the competitions?


    • Hi Leiann,

      Your daughter does not need to have any experience to join Spirit Wave, we have a place for everyone! Competitions that we attend run from the end of January through the end of March and are on Saturday or Sunday.

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